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18 minutes ago, Massmarbler said:

Thank you,  I am still pretty confused in general 😅 

S'alright, takes time, there's a lot of manufactures & many look similar at first, I don't believe there's anyone that's 100 % all the time, impossible !!  Hang in there Charles, you're at better than 50/50 this time and only been here about a week  !! That's pretty good if you ask me   :)

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The countdown too fun has begun, another "Peltier Tuesday"  comin your way, I'm crawlin with anticipation, so many marbles, so little time. Hmm, which one ?? a big decision for such a small mind !! I only have 7 more hours   image.png.b80bfeb6a9e6fe575cc2cd42549953ba.png   6 hours image.png.33f631c58cde59834038dabd67e31cf4.png    5 hours  image.png.abc34c61762aab6e75ed1f3ebe6a25d6.png






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4 minutes ago, Marbleized said:

My Bad! I got an email from Marble Connection about Peltier Tuesday and panicked! LOL!!!!! I guess I still have Novocain on the brain. Oh well, for once I am proactive! HAHA!!!

"Not bad" Sokay, I do it all the time, fishing is really whakin my timeline, I have to check the time & day on the flat screen pretty regularly !! Besides one more extra mib too look at !! Proactive is good (I think ??)   image.png.5ed2edbed55fe0f385037a9a93fb3ba6.png

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