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Your Sunday Best !!

Chad G.

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7 hours ago, akroorka said:

I like these too William, I wonder who made them.

Pink or purple in a marble is aways a cool thing. Gray is just different for sure.


I can see it as being grayish also, greenish/grayish 😊

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For my Sundays best 

A pelt grey dragon  Edit might not be a grey dragon tried doing my homework on it ,the pic on the pelt info site looks close old posts about it gets me no where only confuses me more 

what’s the 1st rule about pelt club 

don’t talk about pelt club 🤯




Edited by Dave 13
just a pelt
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Here is a marble “Made by Masters”. 
Just a hair under 1” You may think Akro on this one but the twin that came along shows the true maker, it is just not my Sundays best.
I really love the old Master Made marbles and at one inch, this is my best ever, I love it—top shelf stuff for me and pretty rare at this size. 
These marbles were made to compete with the USA and German hand-made marbles and the hand-cut agates from Germany and California as well. They are really the toughest, most resilient, machine made glass marble ever made imho.

One inch Master.jpg

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Just now, Ric said:

This is a great Vitro! I really like them with a lot of transparent glass.

I know you've seen me post it before Ric but it's the only Vitro like it I have ever seen so I thought a repost was in order !! Figure it really got cooked good, almost too good !!

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