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Akro Friday


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12 minutes ago, mibcapper said:

.................. :tv-062:

DSC01424 (1).JPG


Both "great oxes Bill"  :thup: outstanding mibs, nothin negative to say here 🤐 Nice coverage on the blue and yes the clear is great also.  But I can do this :icon_popcorn:................. Hah !!take that :pirate:

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Akro facts : With acknowledgement, thanks and credit for information given to




                        :character-smileys-238:      HAPPY, ALMOST , AKRO FRIDAY  :character-smileys-238:


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2 hours ago, Tommy said:

Happy akro Friday. Here are some  from my collection 


I see a couple limeade oxbloods in the mix :thup: "Nice Job, all killer mibs Tommy !!  :character-smileys-238: The grant type boards are a great way to display, I have several, unfortunately half of them are on the wall, space is at a premium around here.

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Akro facts  : With acknowledgement, thanks and credit for information given to;

                               { MCSA } MARBLE COLLECTORS SOCIETY OF AMERICA

                                           A short description of Akro Agate Oxblood marbles



"Happy Akro Friday Again" a fitting place for this post, so I figured, why not !! A pic repost but some of my favorite Akros.

8 (3).PNG



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                                  " HAPPY AKRO FRIDAY "

WOW !! Friday came fast. Just yesterday I acquired, a deep royal blue base with  reddish orange corking color, an orange ringer a few unusual pelt rainbows and a 25/32nds killer wet red slag, wildest pattern I've ever seen on a slag. It is uv. but doesn't display any CAC characteristics, a puzzle but a very nice mib. I haven't even taken pix yet so a few to look @ while we wait.



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3 minutes ago, Berryb said:

Akro friday snuck up on me again. Here are a few that I haven't posted before. Thanks


egg yolk1.jpg

egg yolk2.jpg

cork black orange.jpg

cork blue red.jpg

cork bubbly1.jpg

cork grey orange.jpg

I just got a 3/4 royal blue like your 4th mib yesterday, great mibs Bruce "Thanks for the pix " I couldn't find a pic of the royal blue but you have it's brother.

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5 hours ago, Ric said:

I recommend downloading them. 😀

I don't know how, I've stated it several times I'm  I.T. disabled, I have to wait for my friend to come over and do it for me, I got some outstanding Akros this week and have some great pics. Easier said than done, it drives me crazy every time, I've tried before and All I managed to do is erase the chip so I think I'll just wait like always. I sure feel dumb but I guess everyone has their weak points. The pics are there so maybe tomorrow or next week, I hate to repost old stuff & after all the group shots and others I'm at the end of my Akro rainbow until I get these others posted, sorry folks. I just got my first cell from a friend a month ago tells you how far behind I am, I only use about 30 or 40 mins a month so maybe just cancel the thing. & all my pics are on a Sony handy cam, takes good pix but you have to down load from a chip & I always skip a step or something, I don't want to lose the pix I have now like I've done before, it took a while to take them, a couple hundred like always  so I don't have to continually call Craig for help, it's a bit demeaning.

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