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Akro Friday

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There are many collectors that have better collections than mine. Especially those who focus on one or two makers or type of marbles. But I collect them all, and everything connected that the marble companies made. You can do it a lifetime and not have them all or get all the research done.

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Gave it away! Be still my heart.

I love backlighting Akros, especially when they have striated or very bubbly bases.

A hybrid popeye: Green and Orange, with a very thin Red surface cork, almost making it look like the base is red at certain angles.

An Orange spiral, on a Yellow tinged base.

Both 5/8"

Happy Akro Friday! 


Backlit hybrid Popeye_5_8.jpg

Backlit Orange Spiral_5_8.jpg

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Those do look great backlit, Jess - I like bubbles! I back light almost every marble I come across - you never know what you might find inside. And some marbles, like the one I showed, are downright sad without it.

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