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Do You Have 1 Favorite Akro Popeye?


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I ran out of space apparently. Here's the one that belonged to my above post:


To answer the question that started the thread, I really don't have a single favorite, but the ones in these photos are all favorites. My dream is to find an oxblood popeye and that elusive yellow/black popeye. Anyone got one for sale?

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Andrea.......is your's close enough to

Alan's from his thread that your's MIGHT

be from the same run ? The PIC of your's

on the left is why I'm asking.

One other question : When the box sets

where put together...were those usually

all from the same run ? Or would that have

been just too hard to control due to the

production rate and maybe some other factors ?


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Some nice popeye's so far, I can see why - everyone's favorites just happen to be killer. The first one I got, nothing out of the ordinary, a yellow on blue is still my favorite. Probably since it was one of the first machine mades I could identify as a "sort" or "type" of marbles. :)

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