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As of monday,i will be offically RETIRED. This is my last full night at work as a full time Dupont employee. I will be gone from the computer for a while,until i get something for a connection at my house. Probably have to be by satellite. All of us here tonight are going for a breakfast celebration when we get off work at 06:30am. Call if you need something,i will check my regular email hopefully once a week.

Ron S.

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Ron is a slackard!

After 32 years at DuPont, he is out of uniform and not doing any work this evening. Unbelievable! He is talking long distance on the phone. Shocking! AND while being involved in these violations of he is also on a marble chat board...when do these breeches of corpoarate end? AT 6:30 AM.

He actually thinks it is clear sailing from here...is it?...no it is NOT!! He thinks he's having a nice breakfast with his work friends of many years in the morning at shift change. He, in his joy, has forgotten to ask himself if McCaleb or I have talked to his work buddies. Would they play practical jokes on him at breakfast? I wonder?

He is now on a cigarette break...retirement is imminent and his son has congratulated him. In the next sentence Mike informed Ron what work he has lined up for Ron this week...and so begins retirement.

Congrats old timer! Enjoy many a happy memory this evening and breakfast with boys in the AM.

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woohoo! congrats Ron....No more excuses for not comin wayyy out west to see us! LOL!!!

on the lighter side... the city of Dupont is only about 20 minutes away.. heehee.

I don't think we have 3 eyed fish there......maybe! :rolleye-842:

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Congratulations Ron! Now you can get some rest, take a few more trips (I'm not as far away as Dani...lol) and enjoy life.

Hope you get internet hooked up though. It's fun learning from you.

Be well and be blessed.

:-) Felicia

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Gee, as the official Swirl Tour Guide it's nice to know that whenever we marble nuts show up in WV you'll be available. Are you taking bookings? Hey! Welcome to the good life! And knock 'em dead with your collection and vast knowledge in Texas next month. You and McCaleb, what a team......David

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