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Saturday Find


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This is the first time I doubt between CAC and an Amsterdam swirl,usually I see it at first glance.

Although I have not precisly this color combination in the amsterdam swirl,it could still fit.

In the group where it was in,were several American marbles,anyway I like it for whatever it is.


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For the present it's in the Amsterdam box,looks a bit strange,hard to explain,the colors are more in contrast with each other,and the dark color is almost black opposed to the Amsterdam swirls which are dark brown or dark purple.

Also the colors blend a bit more together in the Amsterdam swirls.

This is the group where the marble was in.


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Could it be a WV swirl?

It's close enough to a (very) few Alleys that I have . . .

Don't think I've ever seen another so difficult to call. Obviously, it's very nice, Winnie, whatever it is -- Veiliglas, CAC, or Alley, or . . .

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