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Oxblood August, It kind-of rhymes.


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I have seen a few like this and the Oxblood is always broken out. This is my best. 
A good example of how Oxblood lies/floats over the surface of the base glass and is not always the most durable of glass, I suppose it depends on what the base glass is as well. This color did not work too well with Oxblood imho.
Still, a very pretty combo, and I just love it.


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I have rescued cats, dogs, turtles in the road and a variety of other critters that just, well needed it—why not a marble? I figured that this one would end up in a landfill if I did not bring it home and I believe that it deserves it.
I posted this one a while back, these are new images.
I have not put this one away since I received it and today I really checked it out.
Two ground pontils and a hair under 1 inch. 
Any advice on it’s maker is appreciated.



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On 8/18/2021 at 10:17 PM, Alan said:

I have gone on the premise that it may be American, possibly Leighton....but I haven't given it much thought.  Single gather.  I purchased it 20 years ago in Baltimore without any attribution from another dealer who only deals in machine mades and didn't want to carry it.

Here is the shear:




Grenier: Circa 1850-1880 German Hand gathered ground pontal. 

Many of these were found in  English made Solitaire boxes dating; Per Danny Turner's research, more than 20 years ago, his estimation of when the boxes were made was: 1850-1880 period.
It's of the loveliest oxblood ever made. And, while usually fashioned quite well as spere, the finished product's surface is not always but 'usually', somewhat rough. Meaning; Although yours looks quite used, some of that rough surface is probably 'As made' too.


If you photograph it in water to see inside better, chances are there's a 'Tornado' core in it. If I recall, when in this clear to clear-ish mix they have been referred to as 'Crystal Oxblood' too. 

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The 7 eggyolk oxblood I have all were together in a big ol jack bottle..(I'll dig that out and post the bottle in the other thread). For as long as I can remember at my favorite uncle's house ....he is greatly missed. 

I'm trying to post each one this month 😃

Thanks Art...great thread 👍

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Well, I am the one that insisted on a Macro camera.
 I am disappointed to find this Green Akro Oxblood with as much damage as it shows here, in hand it does look pretty minty—LOL—old eyes maybe. Just another testament to how brittle oxblood can be.
This one is 7/8” and still a hard one to find. I posted the “fly” just to prove that I can still focus—he/she was no help and it did fly away---no harm done—LOL.
P.S. I do hurt flies-but only in the house.

Green ox 1.jpg

Green ox 2.jpg


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