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How Many Colors?


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That 1" Vitro of yours is absolutely stunning, Jeepers. O_O

I'm away from home for a few days, so all I have is the one angle of this marble, cropped from an overall view of my contemporaries. i.e. it's kind of a bad photo. I'm also unsure of who made it, but I'll check the signature when I get back. I'm somewhat fond of this marble, but it's been a surprisingly huge hit with non-collectors who see my collection, probably due to the coloration.


I'll add a couple of my hybrid cat's eyes too... Not exactly the most vibrant colors in the world, but some do have fairly decent coverage of the spectrum.


And finally, I recall that Herman Leonhardt's marbles are rather contrasty, so a shout-out to him, even if I don't own any.

http://www.themarbleman.com/herman.htm (only link I can find ATM)

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That purser marble is,,,what do I wanna say?--The Bomb,,Wicked cool,,,,something like that!

From,the Ladies First Jabo run.

I call them,The Harry Detwiler,Bench Top,Variety Pack.My friend and neighbor.

Thats what he called it,when he was helping me smash glass,when my shoulder was hurt.

Dont know how many colors made it,per marble,but I know,at LEAST 38,and 2 goldstones, were in the mix,,


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when I was growing up Crayola had 48 colors Available (1949 - 1957)

I think I see every color they had in this thread..

then again, m!b$ Guinea Lutz made by Jim King could possibly have 50+ (i lost count at 49)

thanks for sharing, gotta luv em all.

Yall Dun Gud... keep em coming

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