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How About A Name, A Face And A Preference. Machine Or Handmade?

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I'll play. Sort of. Here's a pic of me from about 15 years ago. Since then anyone who would try to take a photo is risking mild bodily injury. :)


I'm most interested in machine-mades. I also like ceramics though.

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Not sure if my photo will get here, but I love the handmade oxblood slags (sometimes called Leighton types), CAC's (the ones I can't afford) and of course my avatar.

Photobucket takes too long. How do I navigate to my own picture? (Steph, I asked you this a while ago but you've probably given up on me.)

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Do you mean, how do you get to pix which you've uploaded in the past?

I'm testing this as I type, Andrea.

I clicked on "My Media" in the toolbar above the posting window.* Then I went to "Attachments" and picked this:


Then I went to "Gallery Images" and picked this:


*Before I clicked on "My Media" I actually had to click the upper left icon in the toolbar to "Toggle editing mode" because I usually use a mode where the buttons in the toolbar aren't active.

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Mike, i carved you last winter before i ever knew what you look like,, lol,, i named him old man river,, my gosh it looks like twins,,, wow,,, bunch of fine looking folks in here, grand kids coming up this weekend i'll see if i can get a pic of me taken with them,,, Mike,,, wow,,, lolololol,,,, bj

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well, this was the bonus to step one of my goal, my daughter is with me now and my other daughter brought along the grandkids,, if this dont jump start your heart you need to check your pulse,, gampa hasta start teachin that kid how to fish, this is quintin(7 months old now), the newest grandkid, oh what a up lifting spririt this will give ya,, on to step 2, fingers crossed i get that insurance,,,, ive always collected color mibs as oposed to brands or companies,, i love the green mibs and thats been how i always collected, the other mibs i get i have are just a bonus i guess,,bj


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