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How About A Name, A Face And A Preference. Machine Or Handmade?

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 Chad, Family, fishing, hunting. mushroom picking. anything outdoor's" but I love marbles" ,machine made's mostly peltier's & alley, German's and a few contemporary's, also collect antique toy's and comic book's.








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Bonniemarbles here- I haven't been collecting marbles long enough to have singled out a certain co. or style, I just love marbles. As you can see from the pic., I keep my marbles  in plastic boxes deemed for jewelry beads, & label them as I learn where they go: yes that's all I have, no boxes in the attic, or shelves full of bottled marbles, that's for the future, I'm sure. And here's a pic. of my "photo lab" The cabinet behind the "lab" has drawers full of lamp parts. I repair lamps for people &  sell lamp parts, lampshades & antiques  in an antique shop in Crossville, Tn. I use rounded brass nuts{showing in photo}  under my marbles to keep them from rolling.  As you can tell, It's a grass roots project. Here' a selfie, which I'm just learning to do, still can't take one with my eyes straight ahead. Meeting other marble collectors is on my bucket list, preferable at a marble show, if life ever gets that normal again.








keeper marbles.jpg

photo setup.jpg


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