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Happy Birthday Griff


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Hey Griff! You December B-Day guys should unionize for a more proportionate receipt of gifts what with Christmas having such a weighted effect. That guy Lloyd I swear gets better and better looking as he gets older. You know, he use to be real ugly! I plan on going out strong too. I expect we can count on you to go on a real gender bender today. Go Gal! David

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THANKS EVERYONE!----Didnt get to go fishing,because the ice is thin in pa.But dont worry,my scout,Jeff,in NH.is giving me the updates,daily!Dont tell them fish in Squam lake,Ill be coming soon.Need to do some winter,freezer stocking.

Spent the day,relaxing for once.Sorted marbles,off and on,spoiled the kitty's,and just got done,wiping out the Chinese Buffet in Carlisle.6 plate minimum right here ya know?

PA fish better look out too/Licensed for PA,thru 2011 now.Thats a realy useful gift right there!Now I just need NH/NY and WV,and Ill be set for next year.

Should get the IN license,so I can go empty out Joe's marbles,,oops,,,,,pond!

Yeah,that Christmas/birthday thing sucks some times.Ill just tell the ones that do that too me,"Now,half of this pack of underpants,counts toward your birthday,,,in july!---LOL

The adventure continues,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I think there a couple bars in town that owe me a complimentery,pork chop,in a can,or too,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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