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What Else Do You Collect Besides Marbles

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Such elegant glass.

I turned down a Hummel collection. The only Hummel I have is a little girl with a slate, which was my high school graduation present.

My collections are Cracker Jack and gumball toys.

And old textbooks.

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Lets see if I can list them all.

Hot Wheels


Old Medicine Bottles

Old Canning Jars

Old Books

Tom Clark Gnomes


Old Cookie Jars

Old Salt & Pepper Shakers





NC Seashells

Shark Teeth

Model Cars

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stone tools and arrowheads....old pop bottles.....small antique medicine bottles....buttons made out of mussel shells....ohio valley cabinet cards....hydroplane racing pinback buttons......bottle openers with advertising....pre-60s miniature dogs.....lots and lots of other junk.....

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Thanks for the gumball toys pic.

Think I'm getting it now.

I have a vague recollection of gumball-type machines with little plastic pods in them.

Which would make sense for stuff like this which couldn't just be tossed in the machine.

I never paid much attention, since I only had eyes for the psychedelic super-balls.

Oh-oh. Just remembered that I told the folks at JaboLand a long

time ago that I was going to take a photo of these.

If you talk to Ant before I do, let him know I'll soon be sending him a photo of my

(No, no. I just can't do it!) :P

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On my inactive collection list (unless I stumble across something I can afford and can't live without) are . . . small crystalline mineral specimens (micro-mounts); tropical & sub-tropical sea shells; toy horses made before 1960; Hartland Plastics western figures on their horses (Big Champs & Small Champs); containers (mostly basketry and wood) from New Guinea, Borneo, Sumatra, etc., with a few thrown in from Africa.

My two unfortunately-active things are trade beads (African and Asian trade) and marbles.

I've been accused of collecting purses and shoes, but I don't count those.

Galen, I like your bird prints. And Killer, that's killer art glass!

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Anything I find neat

I should have said that too.

And I forgot hubcaps. Started off with just found hubcaps -- the ones you used to see by the side of the road -- and then wound up with some classics (profile of Mercury, a Plymouth hubcap with a clipper ship, a reflector-studdied Caddy, etc.)

The silver-age comics went with the housemate many years ago. I forget what I got instead. Boy am I sorry. (Favorites: Dr. Strange, Thor).

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