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West Virginia Wednesday !!

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1 hour ago, mibcapper said:

fond memories at sammy's and ravenswood. frank sellers ... dale simmons ... eddie seese ........ bill

sammys 033.jpg

sammys 021.jpg

sammys 011.jpg

sammys 032.jpg

image.png.6a1c42a9c39b4c766ad1077b695a030c.png           "Mornin Bill" ......   :rimshot:

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2 hours ago, Mojo said:

Not trying to split hairs or anything but just to avoid any confusion Joeps mib is a "Shimmering Blue Spruce" as opposed to a regular "Shimmering Spruce"  the names are actually quite accurate as to the species of tree. I live here in the PNW & am very familiar w/ many types pf wood. 5 lumber mills and 12 years working in the woods, plus 4 years slashing and firefighting all I seen was trees. Where the "shimmering Spruce" is relatively easy to acquire the "Shimmering Blue Spruce" is a HTF marble, especially w/o any damage !!

Blue Spruce Christmas trees (L) beside regular spruce trees (R) you can see where the trees got their names as well as the marbles. We used to call the blue spruce Christmas trees "Child proof" the needles on them are prickly, some sharp enough to make you bleed, so kids were a little more wary of any "present peeking" until Christmas morning.


  Regular colored Alley "Shimmering Spruce"



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5 hours ago, Chad G. said:

image.png.6a1c42a9c39b4c766ad1077b695a030c.png           "Mornin Bill" ......   :rimshot:

..... ........... :wave2:....... and a chilly 1 .. ready for that expensive natural gas ......... 

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Top notch Ron, That Vitro gift box is awesome. The Conquerors bag is a nice one as well--great marbles inside of that one. They are all great, lets face it.

Thanks for sharing!


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