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Are All Mfc Slags Hand-gathered?


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35 minutes ago, ann said:

Hand-gathered, machine rounded, so MFC should really be considered a transitional, although I don`t think many people think of them that way.

So a true transitional would be like it sounds  ..no pontil marks but more than likely a 9 and tail pattern from the hand gathering then rounded and smothed over with the rollers..

So MFC,Barberton, CACs and akro ..hand gathered and machine rounded in the early 1900's. Any others ? Mabye Peltier? 


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Barberton wasn`t machine rounded (melted pontil) so technically they wouldn`t be transitional, although I think many people think of them that way. Peltier, yes, because at least the Cerises were hand-gathered and machine-rounded. Again I don`f think people in general think of the Cerises as transitional, but they are. They were making another marble at the same time - the onyx I think it was (although maybe not, I'll have to check) - so they should have been the same, but I`ve never seen an original box of them in person, so I don`t know for sure about them. Maybe someone else is more familiar with those than I am . . .

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8 hours ago, lstmmrbls said:

National Primas

Very nice, Galen - thanks for posting. I have seen a variety of different marbles in these Gropper Prima boxes - these look like Peltier's answer to CAC American Agates.

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14 hours ago, cheese said:

almost disturbing that I recognized that

Watch a few episodes of "Antiques Roadshow". The experts there drive me wild with the assessments that they make
Everyone has their passion--ours here is quite obvious, never step back.

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