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We have lost our very good friend Mike Barton


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Mike, aka Migbar,  had been feeling poorly for a few months and has passed away.  Someone said it was on Christmas.   

A sweet generous friend with a sometimes biting wit.  A keeper of Pelt history.  A stained glass artist, and marble maker.  This is a blow.

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Swapped a lot of marbles with him. Have about 30 of his creations. He was one of the most generous swappers around



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Wow. I`ve been off the board for a few (5?) years and am just getting back now - this note about migbar has really thrown me. We had lots of message and email conversations and he was kind enough to send me info from the Peltier archive whenever I asked for it, along with marbles from time to time, including a white slag he dug at the site.This loss isgoig to be a hrd on to absorb . . .

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